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  • Precision CNC Machining

    Precision CNC Machining and Metals

    Part Two Metals play a significant role in many precision CNC machining processes, including milling turning, laser cutting, laser engraving, laser etching, close tolerance machining and small part machining. We are continuing our series on common metals used in a machine shop environment.  Our previous …

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  • Precision CNC Machining

    Metals Used in Precision CNC Machining

    Part One Metals play a significant role in precision CNC machining processes used to create a variety of both industrial and everyday products.  Some of the precision CNC machining operations that incorporate metal include milling turning, laser cutting, laser engraving, laser etching, small part machining …

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  • cnc machining

    Milling Turning – Why is Automation Critical?

    CNC Machining is redefining the prototypes to production manufacturer industry. Milling turning centers are pushing the limits of materials and processes far beyond what was imagined a decade ago. CNC milling turning automation is constantly improving the prototypes to production manufacturer process. Let’s take a …

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  • machine shop

    Featured Service – General Machine Shop Services

    Machine Shop History The blacksmith was the backbone of the Industrial Revolution. The ability to shape and form metal into better, stronger and more reliable tools and machinery greatly increased production of all goods from textiles to steam engines. During the Second Industrial Revolution, the …

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  • prototypes to production manufacturer

    What is a Prototypes to Production Manufacturer?

    Often, we hear of a family member, friend or coworker who has a great idea for a very innovative product, but they have no idea how or where to start the process.  There are literally thousands of possibilities.  Do I hire a lawyer, patent attorney, …

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  • miling turning

    Milling Turning – What is the difference?

    Machine shop experts often get asked questions about various methods they use as a prototypes to production manufacturer.  It helps the client get a better understanding of the complexity of what they are asking for when they have a basic understanding of what milling turning …

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  • contract manufacturing

    JW Machine… What We Do

    We provide premium contract manufacturing services to a wide variety of industries.  Our vast experience offers our clients the services they need at competitive rates.  If you are looking for a contract manufacturing facility to take your concept from a bar napkin sketch to final …

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  • CNC machining

    JW Machine… Who Are We?

    JW Machine is a precision CNC machining, contract manufacturing, CAD design and engineering facility located in Orlando, Florida.  With more than thirty years of contract manufacturing experience, JW Machine is your one-stop-shop for everything from CAD design to the final barcode tracking of your shipment.  …

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  • Prototypes to Production Manufacturing

    CNC Shop Certifications: A Must for Any Prototypes to Production Manufacturing Project

    When considering a CNC shop for a prototypes to production manufacturing project, why are special certifications important?  There are literally millions of CNC shops around the world and finding the right one for your prototypes to production manufacturing project can be an intimidating task.  Here …

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  • CNC machining center

    Streamlining the Process: The Key to Prototypes to Production Manufacturing (part 3)

    Part 3 Now that we have looked at how CAD design and prototype manufacturing impact your idea, we will explore the actual manufacturing of the product.  Finding a CNC shop which can build the prototype and has the capacity to mass produce it is the …

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