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What We Do

As a highly trusted machine shop serving the United States and Canada, JW Machine takes pride in providing high quality, on-time and dependable service.

Capability Statement

Our Production Policy

We provide premium, first article inspection and quality control throughout the entire process of manufacturing to ensure all parts, components and assemblies conform with contractual and design specification requirements. Our job routers, materials, outside services and inspection procedures follow through with traceable barcoding and certifications. Our jobs are tracked throughout the total process from estimation, job order, production and shipments. We provide traceability through our record retention system. We custom package with bar coding and with our bar coding system, we can meet shipping and packaging requirements.

Our diverse offerings and capabilities include:

  • Precision CNC Machining and manufacturing
  • Design and engineering assistance
  • Multi-Axis CNC Mill machining
  • Multi-Axis CNC Turning with live tooling
  • Close tolerance part production to .0001
  • Precision machining expertise in most metals and plastics, including unusual and exotic materials
  • CAD 3D modeling & drawings
  • Reverse engineering
  • CAD/CAM design
  • NDD, LDD and CMM capabilities
  • Large quantity production capabilities
  • Short run R&D prototypes
  • Quick turnaround design assistance
  • Assembly and sub-assembly work
  • Helicoil & insert installation
  • Climate controlled production facility
  • Absolute quality control with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Engraving, cutting and marking with laser or Mill
  • Diverse capabilities for various materials and surfaces
  • Custom finishing services
  • Custom Packaging, bar coding and tracking