Engineering Design Assistance

Engineering Design Assistance

From concept to completion, JW Machine has the expertise to handle it all!

Don’t let your ideas and plans get scrapped due to your lack of Engineering and Design abilities! Instead, contact JW Machine, we’re always happy to help with any Engineering or Design aspect of your project, and we have the experience, facilities and tools to back us up!

What We Use:

  • SolidWorks CAD software and CAMWorks
  • Pro/Engineer
  • AutoCAD
  • TEK-Soft
  • STEP, IGES, DXF, DWG and other file exchange capabilities
  • Profile Projectors /Shadow Graph
  • Electronic CMM height gauges
  • Pin Gauges, Micrometers, and others

Our SolidWorks CAD software and CAMWorks provide JW Machine a solution that meets our requirements when working with tight tolerances. SolidWorks CAD software provides high-quality output improving our competitive edge. These two functions enable us to shorten our lead times and increase our productivity.

We can generate tool paths to ensure the part we machine replicates the same part we modeled. CAMWorks Tool path simulation compares “as designed” parts to “as machined” parts, using the same SolidWorks geometry. The part model to tool path in CAMWorks improves machining productivity, reducing manufacturing costs of time-consuming rework due to design changes. We use CAMWorks at JW Machine for CNC programming providing intelligent machining in our automated system.

Reverse Engineering

JW Machine engineering team provides convenient reverse engineering services. When OEM parts are discontinued or no longer available, we are able to replicate old parts to produce an identical custom manufactured replacement.

Our Engineering and Quality departments are equipped with CMM height gauges, shadow graph, pin gauges, micrometers and other devices capable of capturing features and specifications from a variety of components requiring reverse engineering and create a mathematical representation (CAD model).

Our engineering tools provide solutions equipping us to be a valuable part of your team. Give us a call today to assist with your next project.