Contract Manufacturing, Assembly Services

Looking to turn your idea into a product and save on costs?

Contract manufacturing benefits companies across all industries looking to turn a plan into a finalized product and get it on the market. Let JW Machine assist with your design or formula so we can effectively execute your ideas, from assembly through logistics.

Your product’s quality is JW Machine’s quality. We can help bring a high-quality product onto the market while increasing profits. Your costs associated with manufacturing facilities, materials, labor, training, and equipment evaporate as JW Machine’s concept-to-completion approach develops and produces a product or system meeting and exceeding your quality standards while reducing your costs to get your product to your destination.

Prototypes to Production Manufacturing

  • cnc machining

    Milling Turning – Why is Automation Critical?

    CNC Machining is redefining the prototypes to production manufacturer industry. Milling turning centers are pushing the limits of materials and processes far beyond what was imagined a decade ago. CNC milling turning automation is constantly improving the prototypes to production manufacturer process. Let’s take a …

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  • machine shop

    Featured Service – General Machine Shop Services

    Machine Shop History The blacksmith was the backbone of the Industrial Revolution. The ability to shape and form metal into better, stronger and more reliable tools and machinery greatly increased production of all goods from textiles to steam engines. During the Second Industrial Revolution, the …

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  • prototypes to production manufacturer

    What is a Prototypes to Production Manufacturer?

    Often, we hear of a family member, friend or coworker who has a great idea for a very innovative product, but they have no idea how or where to start the process.  There are literally thousands of possibilities.  Do I hire a lawyer, patent attorney, …

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