Breaking Down the Precision CNC Machining Process

precision CNC machining

Breaking Down the Precision CNC Machining Process

Part One

JW Machine prides ourselves on having the best equipment and machinists in the business!  When approached by a company considering our services, we are often asked about our precision CNC machining process. Whether we are handling a contract manufacturing job for a defense industry client or performing laser engraving on a part for OEM equipment, our process is very thorough and precise.

Material Selection

The first step is to determine and select the proper materials for the project.  For instance, our laser engraving process can be performed on a variety of materials including wood, acrylic, plastic, DelrinÒ, metals and aluminum. The milling turning process can accommodate materials such as aluminum, steel, brass, copper and even plastics and exotics such as titanium and beryllium.


Accurate programming is key to any precision CNC machining project, especially in some of the sensitive industries we work with including aerospace and defense. There is literally no room for mistakes! Our CNC machine shop experts are exceptionally qualified in creating exact machining instructions for any job including laser engraving, laser cutting, milling turning and every other precision machining process we offer.

JW Machine is the preferred source for precision machine shop services.  We partner with numerous industries including aerospace, defense and OEM equipment suppliers on their contract manufacturing projects.  Laser cutting, laser engraving, laser etching small parts machining, close tolerance machining, milling turning and prototypes to production manufacturing are among the machine shop services our distinguished clients trust us to perform on their behalf. If you have a precision CNC machining project, give the experts at JW Machine a call today!