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  • The CNC Machinist

    Part Two As we previously discussed, the CNC machinist plays an important role in any machine shop operation.  This is especially true for precision CNC machining operations such as JW Machine.  We are not only an AS 9100 certified machine shop, but we are also …

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  • The Role of the CNC Machinist

    The machinist plays an integral role in a precision CNC machining operation.  These highly trained and qualified craftsman are tasked with manufacturing important parts for all types of industries. JW Machine is an AS 9100 certified machine shop, so we also manufacture parts for sensitive …

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  • Qualities to Consider When Selecting a Precision CNC Machine Shop

    Part Two We are continuing our series on qualities to consider when selecting a machine shop. Our previous article discussed the importance of knowing their precision CNC machining capabilities and certifications. This article covers three more important qualities to consider. Training When it comes to …

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  • Achieving Quality in Aerospace Manufacturing

    Precision CNC machining standards for the aerospace industry are some of the most stringent in the business. JW Machine is the machine shop of choice for numerous industries that heavily rely on producing a product with precision and quality.  All of our precision CNC machining …

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  • Aerospace Manufacturing – How We Achieve Quality

    JW Machine is a top tier precision CNC machining facility serving many industries including aerospace.  Our machine shop services include small part machining, close tolerance machining, milling turning, laser cutting, laser etching, laser engraving, prototypes to production manufacturing and contract manufacturing. With more than 95 …

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  • Do Certifications Really Matter?

    Many industries require vendors to be certified for them to qualify to bid on a project.  This most definitely is the case when it comes to contract manufacturing.  JW Machine is one of the preferred providers of precision CNC machining services for industries such as …

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  • The Impact of CNC Machining on Manufacturing

    JW Machine has definitely seen the transformation of the machine shop industry through the years.  Advances in equipment have made CNC machining processes such as milling turning, laser cutting, laser engraving, close tolerance machining and small parts machining faster and more affordable. Prototypes to production …

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  • How Has Precision CNC Machining Impacted Manufacturing

    JW Machine is an award-winning precision CNC machining and engineering facility providing the latest innovations in manufacturing technology. We stay on top of the latest news, developments and innovations in the machine shop industry so we can provide our clients with the highest quality services. …

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  • The Future of CNC Machining

    Advances in CNC machining continue to make the seemingly impossible possible.  Precision CNC machining is one of the fastest evolving industries worldwide.  So, just  where is the industry going?  How can precision CNC machining continue to become more efficient, faster and more accurate?  Here is …

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  • laser engraving

    Common Surfaces that Utilize Laser Engraving

    We discussed milling turning and laser engraving in the aerospace industry in previous articles.  Industries in addition to aerospace that commonly utilize laser engraving include automotive, medical, semi-conductor, amusement, defense, telecommunication, photonics, high performance racing and simulation components. This article will discuss some of the …

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