COVID-19 Notice


COVID-19 Notice

Normal Operating Schedule

Yesterday Gov. Ron DeSantis issued a safer-at-home order for the next 30 days for the State of Florida. JW Machine would like to let everyone know that we are operating under our normal operating schedule under the orders for essential business operations. JW Machine is an Orlando, FL based essential manufacturing business providing precision milling and turning services for custom build to print, prototype to production parts and components, serving local and national businesses and government and supporting government contract businesses for military, medical, aerospace, food and other manufacturing industries.

All of us at JW Machine want to encourage everyone to act responsibly and maintain critical social distancing and hygiene practices following the CDC guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic so that we can all stay safe and not spread the virus.

We say thank you to our customers and all employees of JW Machine for your loyalty and responsible participation providing critical products to our communities and national defense. May we all get through this difficult challenging time without forgetting to extend love and kindness to our fellow man and may God help and bless America and heal our world!