Laser Engraving Service

laser engraving service

Featured Service – Laser Engraving Service

There are many ways to engrave the surface of an object.  Some require the surface to be flat, while others require the object to withstand harsh chemicals and mechanical agitation.  A laser engraving service is often the best option.  Although there are some materials which are not suitable for a laser engraving service to engrave, the vast majority of materials used in today’s industries can be engraved by a qualified laser engraving service.  Let’s look at the process so we can better understand what materials are ideal for a laser engraving service.

Laser Engraving Service – The Process

Laser marking and engraving is a subtractive process where the material is removed by burning.  An image is burned into the surface of the object using a focused laser beam causing extreme localized heating of the material which results in the vaporizing of the surface.  The size and depth of the material removed is controlled by the focus and power of the laser beam.  A qualified laser engraving service will test the material to determine the proper settings for the best image.

Laser Engraving Service – The Materials

As with any process, there are materials a laser engraving service cannot engrave.  Some plastics fall into this category.  Plastics containing Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) produce acidic compounds that are harmful to the equipment and dangerous to the operator.  When PVC is exposed to extreme heat it bubbles and melts causing a very undesirable outcome.  The laser engraving service might suggest using an acrylic plastic material instead.

If you have a project you would like to have engraved, JW Machine is Orlando’s premier laser engraving service.  Our experts can advise you of the best materials to use and will be glad to test the material you have to see if their laser engraving service is right for you.  Give us a call today!