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Maximizing Your Machine Shop Services in 2019 (part 1)

As we begin the new year, one thing all businesses should do is review the happenings of the previous year and identify areas of improvement. Getting the optimal return on investment (ROI) can encompass many factors in the contract manufacturing process.  This month, we will discuss three areas where you can maximize machine shop services to ensure better ROI on prototypes to production manufacturing projects in 2019.  This article specifically focuses on the advantages of using a machine shop with laser etching and laser engraving capabilities.

Part Identification

Permanently laser etching part identifications ensures each part will be able to be identified both now and for years to come. Many machine shops, Orlando area specifically, do not have the ability to both produce the product and provide laser etching or laser engraving. Orlando area manufacturers often farm out this process. Using an Orlando machine shop such as JW Machine that can provide in-house laser etching can significantly boost your ROI.

Incorporation of Your Brandmark

Laser etching your brandmark on your product(s) gives a huge boost to your ROI.  A laser engraving Orlando machine shop such as JW Machine can laser etch your brandmark on every piece.  Increasing the number of brand impressions reinforces your company’s identity, resulting in both new and return business. Additionally, unlike stickers that can come off or paint that fades over time, laser etching your brand identity on your product is permanent.

Laser etching is a cost-effective way to promote your brand. JW Machine is your trusted source and one-stop-shop for contract manufacturing and laser engraving. Orlando machine shop services have a wide variety of capabilities, but few have in-house laser etching and laser engraving. Call JW Machine for your next contract manufacturing project. We are the premier Orlando machine shop for all of your laser etching and laser engraving needs.