Milling Turning Similarities and Differences

miling turning

Milling Turning – What is the difference?

Machine shop experts often get asked questions about various methods they use as a prototypes to production manufacturer.  It helps the client get a better understanding of the complexity of what they are asking for when they have a basic understanding of what milling turning machines do.  Machine shop jargon is common place to the machinist, so let’s look at milling turning practices.

Milling Turning – The Similarities

Milling turning methods are both subtractive processes.  The subtractive processes used in a machine shop starts with a large piece of material, and through the milling turning of the material remove material to form the object; as opposed to an additive machine shop process where two pieces of material may be welded or joined with an adhesive bond to create the desired object.  Milling turning techniques can be used on a wide variety of materials. In general, milling turning methods can be used on any solid material capable of being held in a clamp or vise.

Milling Turning – The Differences

The difference between the milling turning process comes down to which object is moving.  In the milling process, the object being machined is stationary and the cutting tool is moving, much like a common hand held drill motor turns a drill bit.  When using a turning technique to remove material, the object being machined is moving and the cutting tool is stationary.  Although it is necessary for both the tool and object to move during the milling turning process the term stationary is used relative to where the motive force is being applied.

As you can see there are significant differences and similarities in the milling turning processes.  Using this basic understanding of the different methods will help you understand the machine shop terminology when discussing your project with a prototypes to production manufacturer.  JW Machine has experts that will walk you through every step of the way.  Give us a call today!