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Precision CNC machining

More on “CNC”

We discussed in previous articles how computer numerical control (CNC) is used for precision CNC machining processes such as milling turning, small part machining, close tolerance machining, laser engraving, laser etching and laser cutting. Today, we will take a closer look at how it is used for welding and the laser engraving and serialization of parts.

CNC Welding

CNC welding machines are vastly more accurate than manual welding units and can often perform in otherwise impossible situations. For instance, CNC welding machines can be used to weld in environments where it is unsafe for humans to operate. 

Laser Engraving

Precision CNC machining is often used for the laser engraving and serialization of parts.  Laser engraving machines provide unique serial numbers for thousands of parts without interrupting the production process.  The ability to barcode products with a laser engraver during production not only saves time but allows the precise tracking of the part from raw material to finished product. This is often required by industries such as aerospace and the Department of Defense (i.e. submarine parts). JW Machine is a leading CNC machine shop, delivering milling turning, laser cutting, laser engraving, laser etching, small part machining and close tolerance machining services for esteemed industries including aerospace, defense and OEM parts manufacturing.  Whether you are just getting started on a prototypes to production manufacturing process or have a contract manufacturing job that is machine shop ready, our expert machinists stand ready to help.  Give your friends at JW Machine a call today!