Myths vs. Facts About Precision CNC Machining

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Myths vs. Facts About Precision CNC Machining

Part Three

We are continuing our series on myths vs. facts about precision CNC machining.  Our previous articles covered the myth that precision CNC machining is not cost effective for prototyping and the myth that it requires long lead times for set-up.  This article will bust the myth that precision CNC machining has limited capabilities.

Myth: Precision CNC machining has limited capabilities.

The Facts:

  1. Multi-axis machines have given CNC machining virtually unlimited capabilities.
  2. Advancements in 3D rendering identify all operations, tool changes and process changes required to complete the job.
  3. Precision CNC machining encompasses every subtractive process from milling turning to electrical discharge machining (EDM).  The use of multiple process machines means there is no limit to what can be accomplished in a CNC machine shop.

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