Prototypes to Production Manufacturer

prototypes to production manufacturer

What is a Prototypes to Production Manufacturer?

Often, we hear of a family member, friend or coworker who has a great idea for a very innovative product, but they have no idea how or where to start the process.  There are literally thousands of possibilities.  Do I hire a lawyer, patent attorney, or inventers group to start the process?  The answer may be yes… but perhaps not yet.  The first thing you may want to do is go through the process of producing the first one… the prototype.   There are many machine shop owners out there that claim to be a prototypes to production manufacturer, when in actuality they are far from it.

Prototypes to Production Manufacturer – The Basics

A prototypes to production manufacturer needs to be able to take your idea from sketches to prototype, proving the concept actually works.  This phase will entail developing engineering drawings which document the physical properties of the object, CAD design engineers to develop the production of the prototype, and CNC machining technicians to actually produce the prototype.  A prototypes to production manufacturer must have all these capabilities in-house to make the process as simple and cost effective as possible.

Prototypes to Production Manufacturer – The Production

Now that you have proof of concept, you need a manufacturer!  This is where pre-selecting a prototypes to production manufacturer in the beginning pays off. If the machine shop had to hire an engineer, then sent it out to have CAD design, you will be miles from production and over budget.  By selecting a one-stop prototypes to production manufacturer, you have cut out the wasted time, money and frustration of having three different companies to deal with.

JW Machine is your one stop shop prototypes to production manufacturer.  We are ready to take your idea from sketches, to proof of concept and right to the manufacturing process… all under one roof.  Our engineers, CAD design lab and state-of-the-art machine shop can help get your idea to market.  Give us a call today!