A Breakdown of Various Precision CNC Machining Processes

A Breakdown of Various Precision CNC Machining Processes

A Breakdown of Various Precision CNC Machining Processes

(Part One)

A quality machine shop is equipped with various types of equipment designed to deliver prototypes to production manufacturing and contract manufacturing jobs with precision and accuracy.  Our next series of articles will discuss different precision CNC machining processes that are often used in a modern machine shop setting. Let’s take a closer look:

CNC Milling Turning

CNC milling turning is often referred to as such, but it really involves two different processes. CNC turning rotates the material being cut, while CNC milling rotates the cutting tools themselves. Milling turning machines have very high tolerances and are able to produce a large variety of features and shapes.  Materials used in milling turning processes include plastics and most metals.

Close Tolerance Machining

Close tolerance machining is crucial in the production of sensitive parts such as those manufactured for the medical, aerospace and defense industries.  Traditional machining often cannot produce parts with the same tolerances as precision CNC machining.  JW Machine has machining centers with work sizes ranging up to 20″ X 44″ and tolerances to .0001″.

Our next article will cover small parts machining, laser cutting and laser engraving.

JW Machine is an ISO 9100 and AS 9100 certified machine shop specializing in all types of precision CNC machining services including contract manufacturing, prototypes to production manufacturing, milling turning, laser cutting, laser engraving, small part machining, milling turning and close tolerance machining. Our machinists have the experience and knowledge to produce your product on time and within your specifications.  Give us a call to learn more today!