A Closer Look at Laser Engraving

A Closer Look at Laser Engraving

A Closer Look at Laser Engraving

We are continuing our series of articles highlighting laser engraving. Our previous article covered what the process itself entails.  Today, we will look at some industries that commonly utilize laser engraving as part of their prototypes to production manufacturing and contract manufacturing processes.


The automotive industry utilizes laser engraving for many of their OEM parts that are made of rubber, plastic, and metal.  In addition to part numbers and serial numbers, the automotive industry also sometimes laser engraves brandmarks and images on parts as well.


Laser engraving is ideal for aerospace components and parts because they are often exposed to extreme conditions and temperatures that require a reliable, durable marking process. Our laser engraving machine deeply etches each component so it will not fade even in the harshest of environments.


The Department of Defense has some very specific marking requirements for their parts. Much like with the aerospace industry, defense parts are often subject to extreme temperatures and harsh conditions, making laser engraving the process of choice for permanent serialization and markings.

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