Aerospace Manufacturing – How We Achieve Quality

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Aerospace Manufacturing – How We Achieve Quality

JW Machine is a top tier precision CNC machining facility serving many industries including aerospace.  Our machine shop services include small part machining, close tolerance machining, milling turning, laser cutting, laser etching, laser engraving, prototypes to production manufacturing and contract manufacturing. With more than 95 combined years of CNC machining experience, we know how to get the job done right.  We have earned the reputation of being one of the most respected precision CNC machining facilities because we invest in the most advanced equipment, implement quality assurance systems, and employ highly talented and qualified machinists and staff.

Aerospace manufacturing demands precision and exact timelines.  Having the most advanced CNC machining equipment (i.e. two, three and four axis milling along with three and four axis turning capabilities, etc.) are paramount to success. 

The aerospace industry is one of the most precise when it comes to manufacturing.  One of the ways JW Machine exceeds expectations is through rigorous quality assurance.  Our certified calibration and inspection team uses state-of-the-art equipment like the Brown and Sharpe 4.5.4 SF CMM for precise measurements. 

Education is a key factor in any precision manufacturing process.  Quality in precision CNC machining starts with superior education.  JW Machine employs only the best certified machine shop tool operators.  From CAD design engineers to production CNC machinists, our staff is constantly training and keeping up with the latest technology developments.

Our next article will continue our discussion on achieving quality in aerospace manufacturing.  If you are in need of precision CNC machining work, we can help. From small part machining, close tolerance machining, and milling turning to laser cutting, laser engraving and prototypes to production manufacturing, you can count on JW Machine to get the job done right.  Give us a call to learn more today.