Contract Manufacturing Process

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How Automation Has Transformed the Contract Manufacturing Process

Today, precision CNC machining touches just about every industry.  Whether it’s small part machining, close tolerance machining, milling and turning, laser engraving, laser cutting or another CNC machining service, automation has changed the industry for the better.  Let’s look at some ways that automation has transformed the contract manufacturing process.

Improved Efficiency

Precision CNC machining has made contract manufacturing more efficient, thus it is much easier to ramp up for production. For instance, a small part machining, laser cutting or laser engraving project can be produced quite rapidly due to advances in CNC machining technology.

Advanced Capabilities

Computer-based CNC machining systems have transformed the contract manufacturing process thanks to their advanced capabilities.  Materials can now be utilized in ways that were once thought to be impossible. Milling turning, small part machining, laser cutting and laser engraving have all benefited from advanced automation technology.

Perfection in Replication

Advances in precision CNC machining and automation make it possible to reproduce a single design multiple times.  Improved uniformity in the contract manufacturing process means products can be replicated to perfection.


Automated services including laser etching, small part machining, laser cutting and milling turning are now more affordable.  Precision CNC machining requires more education and experience, but less physical human labor.  Thus, the savings in labor costs is passed on to the client.

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