Benefits of the Laser Cutting Process

Benefits of the Laser Cutting Process

Benefits of the Laser Cutting Process

We are continuing our series highlighting the laser cutting process. Our previous article offered an overview of what laser cutting is and some of the advantages to using this highly popular precision CNC machining process including the fact that it is affordable and incredibly accurate and precise. Laser cutting also yields very little waste.  Let’s take a look at a few more benefits of laser cutting.

Able to Be Used on a Variety of Materials

The laser cutting process can be performed on just about any type of raw material, including metal, plastic, aluminum, acrylics, foam, leather, cork, glass, paper, gemstones, textiles, and wood.

Causes Little to No Damage

Laser cutting machines cause little to no damage to the raw material and can even accommodate narrow and thin-edged materials. Contrary to popular belief, laser cutting rarely results in distortion or warping.

Uses Less Energy

The laser cutting process uses very little energy, primarily because laser cutting machines are simple and do not have multiple moving parts. Laser cutting is also fast and efficient, so it takes less time to complete a job.

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