Climate Control in a CNC Shop

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Why Does Climate Control in a CNC Shop Matter?

Did you know that the length of a ten inch piece of aluminum bar stock will change by the thickness of two pieces of paper when its temperature is changed by just ten degrees Fahrenheit?  Close tolerance machining requires the environment to be strictly controlled to prevent inaccuracies in the prototypes to production manufacturing process.  Climate control in a CNC shop can affect the outcome of your project in many ways. Here are a couple of factors to consider.

CNC Machining Center Temperature

All materials expand and contract at different rates when ambient temperature changes.  A CNC shop without climate control will experience inaccuracies due to changes in ambient temperatures.  A CNC machining center set up when the environment is 78 degrees Fahrenheit will be within close tolerance machining project specifications yet may be out of specification once the temperature reaches 87 degrees.  Close tolerance machining is affected not only by the temperature change of the material being machined, it is also affected by the temperature changes on the CNC machining center itself.  Having a climate-controlled CNC shop eliminates large changes in ambient temperature thus reducing the possibility of unsatisfactory results.

CNC Machining Center Humidity

Although less of a factor, humidity can also affect small part machining and close tolerance machining.  Some materials can be affected by humidity levels within the machining center environment. Measurements taken in a more humid environment by use of laser technology can be adversely affected.  A CNC shop with a climate controlled environment reduces inaccuracies in equipment, material changes and measurements, thus eliminating waste and time to reset machining center equipment to compensate for environmental changes from day to day or hour to hour.

At JW Machine, your prototype to production manufacturing project is maintained in a climate controlled atmosphere to ensure the best possible outcome.  Have a project for our CNC shop? Call our CNC machining center experts today!