The Role of a Precision CNC Machine Shop in Aerospace Manufacturing

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The Role of a Precision CNC Machine Shop in Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerospace manufacturing is a very specialized process that requires expert precision CNC machine shop capabilities. JW Machine is proud to work with several aerospace industry clients who appreciate our capabilities and value our certifications:

  • SAM (CCR) Registered
  • ITAR Registered / Compliant
  • DOD & Government Subcontracting
  • Small Disadvantaged Business
  • MBE Certified (FL)
  • AS9100 Compliant

Milling turning are common processes in the manufacturing of aerospace parts. A milling machine uses a multi-point cutting tool. A turning lathe utilizes a single point cutting tool. In milling turning, milling performs intermittent cutting and produces a flat surface whereas turning reduces the diameter of a piece and creates a cylinder like surface. The process is highly dependent on the specifications of the part.

Some of the products produced for the aerospace industry include:

  • Fuser Rollers
  • Retainer Rings
  • Flanges
  • Couplers
  • Guidance Fins
  • Frames for seats

JW Machine produces various missile components as well. Once these parts are produced, many of them go through a laser engraving process to include a serial number, bar code or unique identifier as we discussed in our previous article.

JW Machine is your one-stop precision CNC machine shop. We perform our work in-house and have the most advanced and reliable equipment on site.  Our precision CNC machine shop services include milling turning, laser engraving, laser cutting, contract manufacturing, small part machining and prototypes to production manufacturing for a variety of industries and companies throughout the United States.  If you have a job that requires a reliable and experienced precision CNC machine shop, give us a call today!