Different Types of Finishing Processes

Different Types of Finishing Processes

Different Types of Finishing Processes

The finishing process is a big part of any contract manufacturing or prototypes to production manufacturing precision CNC machining job. We are continuing our series of articles highlighting some of the different types of finishing processes that can be used when manufacturing parts and components.  Our previous article discussed case hardening, burnishing, and black oxide.  Today, we will look at three more types of finishing processes.


Electroplating relies on an electrical current to refine surface of a precision machined part or component.  Electroplating also enhances corrosion resistance and improves reflectivity, among other benefits.

Bead Blasting

Bead blasting is a precision CNC machining finishing process that is primarily used to create a matte finish.  During this process, small beads blast the component to remove excess material and yield a uniform finish.  Bead blasting also removes tool marks.

Chemical Plating

Not to be confused with electroplating, chemical plating creates a finished metal coating using a chemical bath. Chemical plating is also used when it is important for the part or component to have greater corrosion and/or wear resistance.

Our next article will cover three more finishing processes a machine shop may use when producing a prototypes to production manufacturing or contract manufacturing job.

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