Prototypes to Production Manufacturing

CNC machining

Prototypes to Production Manufacturing, Doing More with Less

Today’s fast paced business world demands accomplishing more with less.  Small part machining, close tolerance machining, milling, turning, laser cutting and laser engraving requires a professional CNC machine shop with the technology to automate the process.

CNC Machining Centers

Technological advances in precision CNC machining offer superior time saving automation of small part machining by producing the part with minimal man-hours.  Machining centers with the ability to rotate both the cutting head and the machining center table or vise in multiple axis orientation have greatly reduced the number of times a part must be manipulated by the machinist.  In some cases, the CNC machining center can produce the part without removing the blank from start to finish, greatly increasing the accuracy and ability to hold close tolerance machining standards.

CAD Design

The use of CAD design programming to manipulate the blank without intervention allows several machining centers to be monitored by one person.  Automation of prototypes to production manufacturing projects with the use of CAD design and CNC machining centers can produce small part machining projects within close tolerance machining standards and never be touched by a human hand.  CAD design, coupled with the right CNC machining center, have bought us from hours to produce one part to producing thousands of parts per hour!

JW Machine is ready to tackle your prototypes to production manufacturing projects.  We are your local machine shop that understands the need to do more with less…less time, less material and less waste, giving you more value for your money.  Call us today!