Factors Affecting the Cost of Laser Cutting

Factors Affecting the Cost of Laser Cutting

Factors Affecting the Cost of Laser Cutting

We are continuing our series of articles discussing some of the factors that can affect the cost of laser cutting.  Our previous article covered the fact that more complex designs often require more machine time and man-hours. We also touched on the fact that various types of customizations can also affect the overall cost.  Today, we will look at two more factors that are considered when pricing your laser cutting project.


The type of material you use in your laser cutting project can drastically affect the overall price.  First, the cost of the raw material itself must be considered.  Then, we must factor in the actual thickness of the material. Some thinner materials can be stacked and cut at the same time, thus saving man-hours and precision CNC machining time. Thicker parts may not be able to be cut simultaneously, and the laser cutting process on them could take much longer.


The final count of the parts you are laser cutting also have a factor in overall costs. Generally speaking, the higher the quantity, the less the cost is per piece.

Our next article will discuss more considerations that are factored into the final cost of a laser cutting project.

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