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milling turning

Featured Service: Milling Turning

This month our featured service will focus on milling turning services for contract manufacturing.  In a previous article, we discussed how milling turning processes differ. Today, we will concentrate on milling turning services provided by JW machine.  Before you commit to contract manufacturing for a small part machining project take a look at what JW Machine has to offer.

Small Part Machining – Milling

Our CNC milling centers are capable of high-speed small part machining with tolerances to one ten thousandth of an inch. Our milling centers are operated by experts that have only one mission in mind, your contract manufacturing project.  Small part machining requires operators and equipment which are the best in the business. JW Machine has what it takes to bring your contract manufacturing project to market on time and within budget.

Small Part Machining – Turning

JW Machine features top of the line three axis turning centers for contract manufacturing projects.  There are many advantages to using multiple axis turning centers for contract manufacturing and small part machining projects.  Our three axis turning centers optimize tool use and extend tool life.  This results in the need for fewer tools and less time changing tools.  Our expert CNC machinists utilize these advantages to ensure your contract manufacturing project is completed to your precise specifications.

JW Machine’s milling turning services utilize the best equipment and personnel for your small part machining or contract manufacturing project. Our facilities are conveniently located near all methods of shipping. Let us get your project moving forward.  Give us a call, our experts are ready to get started today!