Finishing Options for Aerospace Parts

Finishing Options for Aerospace Parts

Once an aerospace part is machined, the next step is the finishing process. There are numerous types of finishing processes to consider, all of which depend on the material used and purpose of the part. We are continuing our series of articles discussing finishing options for the manufacturing of aerospace parts. Our previous article covered the polishing and powder coating processes. Today, we will explore electroplating and anodizing.


Electroplating is a precision CNC machining finishing process that can be used to produce a functional yet decorative finish. Electroplating can be used on aluminum or steel and produces a glossy and smooth finish.


Anodizing is a precision CNC machining finishing process used for parts that will not only take a beating but require wear and corrosion resistance. Anodizing is commonly used on aluminum and produces a matte finish. A part can be anodized in a variety of colors including clear, red, gold, black, blue, grey, or clear.

Our next article will cover another aerospace parts finishing option.

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