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Machine Shop History

The blacksmith was the backbone of the Industrial Revolution. The ability to shape and form metal into better, stronger and more reliable tools and machinery greatly increased production of all goods from textiles to steam engines. During the Second Industrial Revolution, the blacksmith developed into what we now know today as the machine shop. In today’s technological era, the machine shop is still the core of the modern-day prototypes to production manufacturer. Let’s look at the ways modern-day general machine shop services can benefit businesses.

Machine Shop Services and Equipment Repair

When a piece of equipment breaks down, the first thing we often do is look up the part and order a new one. Sometimes this might not be the best option or even an option at all. In many cases, parts can be repaired instead of replaced by engaging a machine shop service. This often results in a significant cost savings. Machine shop services can also reverse engineer the part if it is no longer available, saving the time and expense of buying a new piece of equipment.  Engaging a machine shop service to repair a broken part will likely also save valuable downtime!

Machine Shop Services and The Widget

Businesses strive to develop ways to make their product(s) or service(s) better or more efficient. Engaging a machine shop service to build the “widget” your business needs to improve your products and/or services will often pay for itself many times over. Machine shop services can expand production and increase your bottom line.

The Second Industrial Revolution was driven by machine shop facilities producing a better quality product, faster and cheaper. This resulted in explosive expansion of all industry nationwide. Today’s modern machine shop is the core of industry. JW Machine is one of the premier machine shop services that supports industry. Whether it is small part machining, reproduction, or complete prototypes to production manufacturer services, we are ready to assist you in helping your business succeed. Give us a call today!