Is Precision CNC Machining Right for My Project?

Is Precision CNC Machining Right for My Project?

Precision CNC Machining

A common question about precision CNC machining is whether or not it is the right process for a particular project.  Most experienced machinists will agree that precision CNC machining processes such as CNC milling, CNC turning, laser cutting, laser engraving, etc. should absolutely be used whenever possible. Does your particular project require precision CNC machining?  Our next series of articles will explore this very question. Let’s take a look at some factors to consider:

Is Accuracy Important?

When the specifications of your project call for superior accuracy, precision CNC machining is the only process to consider. Contract manufacturing, prototypes to production manufacturing, and small part machining jobs for sensitive industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and defense demand the accuracy and precision of the CNC machining process.

Do the Specs of Your Project Require Tight Tolerances?

Precision CNC machining is the one process that can achieve even the tightest of tolerances. Close tolerance machining requirements, especially those often specified in small part machining, can be achieved through various types of precision CNC machining.

Our next article will cover more factors that make a project ideal for precision CNC machining.

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