Streamlining the Process

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Streamlining the Process: The Key to Prototypes to Production Manufacturing

Part 1

Do you have an innovative idea but are unsure of where start?  Thousands of Americans become independently wealthy each year because of “ideas.” However, most entrepreneurs are not mechanical engineers, CAD design experts, CNC machining center specialists, or professional machining center operators.

JW Machine can take a concept sketched on a scrap of paper and make it come to fruition!  This article we will focus on the first step: CAD design services.

The CNC Machining Center Facility

First and foremost, the facility you work with must have on-site engineering and CAD design services. This eliminates most of the issues with cross platform conflicts between the CAD design and the CNC machining center used to produce your concept.  Working with a CNC shop like JW Machine with CAD design engineers is a must.

The CNC Machining Center Experts

Streamlining the process must include the right people. Finding a CNC shop with the expertise in concept to prototypes to production manufacturing eliminates slowdowns in the process.  Any problems which arise in the CNC machining center programing can be handled on the spot.  No waiting for the CAD design engineer to contact the CNC shop, resolve the issue and upload a new program. It’s all done in-house!

Taking a concept from a sketch to a marketable product can be overwhelming.  We’ve discussed how finding a facility with in-house CAD design engineers can streamline the process.  Our next article in the series focuses on how a CNC shop must have the necessary machining center equipment to complete all operations on site.