Prototypes to Production Manufacturing

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Streamlining the Process: The Key to Prototypes to Production Manufacturing (part 3)

Part 3

Now that we have looked at how CAD design and prototype manufacturing impact your idea, we will explore the actual manufacturing of the product.  Finding a CNC shop which can build the prototype and has the capacity to mass produce it is the third and final factor in streamlining prototypes to production manufacturing process.  A CNC machining center which can mass produce the final product eliminates re-inventing the wheel with a different manufacturer, thus saving you money and further streamlining the process.

The CNC Machining Center Facility

Imagine going through the process to produce the first prototype only to find out the CNC machining center does not have the bandwidth to mass produce the product?  Streamlining the process ends with the CNC shop that can meet your final prototypes to production manufacturing goals.  Transferring the process to another manufacturer could cause significant delays in getting the product to market.

The CNC Machining Center Experts

Having expert in-house personnel means the same CNC machining center experts who built the first prototype are now the ones mass producing the product.  CNC shop professionals who know the prototype will be experts in cutting waste and production time, thus streamlining the prototypes to production manufacturing process.

This series of articles explored the process of building a better product from start to finish.  Streamlining the process greatly enhances concept to market timelines, improving the overall bottom line.  JWMachine’s prototypes to production manufacturing experts are ready to take your concept from scratch paper to CAD design, prototyping and mass production all in one CNC machining facility.  Give us a call us today!