Laser Engraving and the Aerospace Industry

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Laser Engraving and the Aerospace Industry

JW Machine partners with many clients in the aerospace industry, including some within the Department of Defense.  Mistakes in precision CNC machining can be extremely costly and even deadly, especially in the aerospace industry, which is why esteemed companies trust the experience and attention to detail JW Machine takes with each of our projects.

The precision CNC machining process involved in the actual manufacturing of specific aircraft components and parts is only the first step. Laser engraving also plays an important role in the creation of these precision parts.

Laser engraving is often preferred over laser etching because it is deeper.  Laser engraving also doesn’t cause damage to the part. Let’s take a closer look at some important aspects of laser engraving in the aerospace industry:


Laser engraving is important for the accurate identification of aircraft parts.  Whether it’s a small plane or NASA rocket, aircraft are manufactured using thousands of parts that need to be identified and marked.  Depending on the clients need, we will use laser engraving to permanently mark different parts with serial numbers, bar codes or some other unique identifier.


The serial number, bar code or unique identifier must be clear and able to be processed and read by any machine that may need to scan it.

JW Machine is Central Florida’s premier provider of precision CNC machine shop services.  We offer everything from laser cutting and laser engraving to close tolerance machining, small part machining, contract manufacturing, milling turning and prototypes to production manufacturing. No job is too big or small for our team of CNC machine shop professionals.  Give us a call today!