Milling Turning

Milling Turning

Milling Turning – Similar but Different

Some people associate the term milling turning with one single process.  While both are conventional machining processes, milling and turning use different types of cutters and produce contrasting end results.  Part one of our series discussed milling turning differences.  This article focuses on some of their similarities.

Subtractive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is a process that adds thin layers of material to build an object.  Subtractive manufacturing removes material. Both milling and turning are subtractive processes that use cutting tools to achieve the end result.  Milling uses a multi-point cutting tool and turning uses a single point cutting tool to precisely remove layers from an object.

Cutting Fluid

Both milling and turning processes can use cutting fluid as a coolant and lubricant.  We will discuss this further in future articles.


Milling and turning both operate at a high cutting temperature and generate heat.

As we’ve outlined, milling turning is not a single process, but two separate subtractive manufacturing operations. A quality CNC machine shop will be able to explain milling turning differences and similarities and discuss why one may be preferred for your particular job.

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