Parts Produced By Precision CNC Machining Processes

Prototypes to Production Manufacturing Process

Parts Produced By Precision CNC Machining Processes

We are continuing our series highlighting some of the different types of parts that are produced using precision CNC machining processes such as laser cutting, laser engraving, CNC milling, CNC turning, small part machining, and close tolerance machining. Our previous article discussed parts and components manufactured for the aerospace, electronics, and toy/recreational product manufacturing industries. Today, we will explore more types of parts that are produced using precision CNC machining.


The defense industry is a sensitive industry that often demands close tolerance machining and/or small part machining.  Laser engraving is also often used in this industry. Examples of parts manufactured for the defense industry include components for weapons, missiles, vehicles, ships, submarines, detection systems and more.


Precision CNC machining is used quite often when manufacturing parts for the manufacturing industry. Examples include conveyor rollers, parts for motors, and gears.

High Performance Racing

The high performance racing industry often calls upon machine shop professionals to produce precision parts for racing vehicles including cars, motorcycles, and speed boats. This industry often goes through a prototypes to production manufacturing process for their precision parts which may include engine components, dashboard components, interior panels and more.

Our next article will cover more parts and components produced using precision CNC machining processes. JW Machine is proud to provide a variety of precision CNC machining services to industries including defense, automotive, aerospace, and OEM parts manufacturing. We are an ISO 9001/AS 9100 certified machine shop. Our team of experienced machinists are dedicated and passionate about delivering contract manufacturing and prototypes to production manufacturing projects on time and within specifications. If you need a reliable, quality machine shop, look no further. Give JW Machine a call today!