Achieving Precision and Accuracy in Defense Industry Manufacturing

Achieving Precision and Accuracy in Defense Industry Manufacturing

We are continuing our series of articles highlighting how the defense industry benefits from utilizing precision CNC machining when manufacturing parts and components. Our previous article discussed the reliability, cost-efficiency, optimized cutting parameters, and ability to measure critical dimensions using precision CNC machining. Today, we will look at more reasons why the defense industry chooses to utilize a machine shop equipped to deliver precision CNC machining processes.


Having the right toolpath is essential for achieving precision and reliability in defense machining. With precision CNC machining, the cutting path can be programmed to precisely follow the designed shape of a part, which significantly reduces errors and waste in production. In addition, CNC machines are able to achieve higher surface quality than manual machining because they generate consistent movements and more precise cuts. When possible, it’s best to use as few tool paths as possible when programming CNC machines for defense machining applications to reduce cycle time and increase accuracy.

Precision and Tolerances

Using high-quality CNC machines is key for achieving precision in defense machining projects. Low-end machines may not be able handle complex geometries or materials with uniformity over long production runs without losing accuracy or experiencing wear issues like broken tools or stuck components. JW Machine is an ISO 9001/AS 9100 machine shop that invests in high quality, industrial-grade machinery with automated features like multi axis capability

Our next article will cover quality standard for defense industry manufacturing.

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