Precision CNC Machining and Finishing

Precision CNC Machining and Finishing

Precision CNC Machining and Finishing

We are continuing our series highlighting the different types of finishing processes a machine shop may use when producing contract manufacturing and prototypes to production manufacturing projects. Our previous articles covered anodizing, thread rolling, barrel tumbling, bead blasting, chemical plating, electroplating, burnishing, black oxide, and case hardening. Here are a few more:

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is one of the most common finishing processes we perform.  Laser engraving is a precision CNC machining finishing process used to serialize parts, engrave logos for branding purposes, or include any other information that needs to be permanently engraved into the part or component.


Knurling is a precision CNC machining finishing process that is used when a part or component needs to have some sort of grip. Instances where knurling is used include when a grip is needed to help make the part easier to handle or when the part needs to be fastened or screwed into something else.


Pickling is a finishing process for metal parts. It involves using chemicals to remove material and oxide scale from the surface of the part.

If you have an upcoming contract manufacturing or prototypes to production manufacturing project, JW Machine can help.  We are an ISO 9001 / AS 9100 certified machine shop with a wide range of precision CNC machining and finishing capabilities including laser engraving, laser cutting, CNC milling, CNC turning, small part machining, and close tolerance machining. Our talented and experienced staff of precision CNC machining professionals are ready to partner with you.  Give your friends at JW Machine a call today.