How Has Precision CNC Machining Impacted Manufacturing

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How Has Precision CNC Machining Impacted Manufacturing

JW Machine is an award-winning precision CNC machining and engineering facility providing the latest innovations in manufacturing technology. We stay on top of the latest news, developments and innovations in the machine shop industry so we can provide our clients with the highest quality services. From milling turning, laser engraving and laser cutting, to close tolerance machining and small part machining, you can count on JW machine to handle your next project.

Advances in CNC machining have made it possible to produce prototypes using faster and less expensive processes. Some projects now bypass the prototype stage and move directly into production. Our previous article took a peek into the future of CNC machining.  Our next series of articles will examine the positive impact of precision CNC machining on the manufacturing industry.

Faster Prototype Creation

Advances in 3D imaging and CAD programing have made it easier for facilities to develop prototypes for new innovations.  Finalizing the first working model is always the challenging part of production engineering.  However, being able to utilize a state-of-the-art CNC machine shop and qualified personnel gets your project across the finish line faster.

Less Expensive Prototyping

Improvements in CNC programing and error correction continue to reduce waste and cost in prototyping.  The ability to identify potential problems and create better pathways for tooling leads to reduced waste.  Cutting costs in the prototype phase leaves room in the budget for possible enhancements that may not have been possible otherwise.

Direct to Manufacturing

In some cases, advancements in technology allow products to bypass the prototyping stage.  Prototyping is not necessary in some cases where every aspect of production can be realized virtually. 

Our next article will look at more ways precision CNC machining has impacted the manufacturing industry.

If you have an upcoming contract manufacturing or prototypes to production manufacturing project, JW Machine can help.  Our expert machinists and advanced precision CNC equipment allow us to deliver high quality engineering and machine shop services including laser cutting, laser engraving, close tolerance machining, small parts machining and milling turning. We are AS 9100 D / ISO 9001:2015 certified, JCP certified and meet ITAR registration quality compliance. Give us a call to learn more today!