Precision CNC Machining of Aerospace Parts

Precision CNC Machining of Aerospace Parts

We are continuing our discussion on reasons why precision CNC machining is the preferred manufacturing method used in aerospace prototypes to production manufacturing and contract manufacturing projects. Our previous article discussed the ability to meet specifications and the consistence and repeatability aspects of precision CNC machining. Today, we will explore more reasons why aerospace companies partner with an ISO 9001/AS 9100 certified machine shop to produce their parts.

Quality and reliability are key attributes of any aerospace component. When you’re traveling thousands of feet in the air at high rates of speed, the plane you’re in cannot fail. Precision CNC machining helps to ensure every aircraft component is of the highest quality and reliability. CNC machines remove the risk of human error from the manufacturing process. Once a part is programmed into a CNC machine, the machine will execute the program flawlessly, ensuring that the part meets all required standards without any deviations. This precision results in parts that are of consistently high quality and have a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and repairs.

The extremely tight tolerances achievable with precision CNC machining allow for enhanced performance and the design of more intricate and optimal components. These advancements can result in greater efficiency and improvements in speed and safety that ultimately benefit the end user.

Our next article will conclude our series of articles discussing why precision CNC machining is important in the production of aerospace parts.

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