Precision CNC Machining Spotlight: CNC Milling

Precision CNC Machining Spotlight: CNC Milling

CNC milling is a sophisticated precision CNC machining process that involves several steps to produce a quality end product.  JW Machine utilizes advanced vertical machining centers with 2-, 3-, and 4-axis capabilities for projects that require CNC milling. This type of machining center has an automatic tool change function and allows for more temperature stability, durability, and long-term accuracy.

If you have a prototypes to production manufacturing or contract manufacturing project that requires CNC milling, then our next series of articles will help you better understand the various steps involved in the CNC milling process. Let’s get started:

Design and Spec the Prototype

The first step in the CNC milling process is to design and spec your prototype. Not only do you need to determine the size, shape, and dimensions of the final part, but you also need to specify the material, tolerances, threads, and finishing.

Develop CAD Model

Once you have a prototype of your part on paper, it’s time to develop a CAD model. This is either a 2D or 3D scaled rendering of the final part. The machinist will need to be provided with a technical drawing before beginning the CNC milling process.

Our next article will discuss more steps in the CNC milling process.

JW Machine is a premier provider of precision CNC machining services. We are an ISO 9001 / AS 9100 certified machine shop serving numerous industries including aerospace, defense, and OEM parts manufacturing. Some of our machine shop services include CNC milling, laser cutting, laser engraving, small part machining, CNC turning, and close tolerance machining. If you have an upcoming contract manufacturing or prototypes to production manufacturing project, we welcome the opportunity to partner with you. Give your friends at JW Machine a call today!