Preparing for the Prototypes to Production Manufacturing Process

Prototypes to Production Manufacturing

Preparing for the Prototypes to Production Manufacturing Process

Part One

We believe pre-planning is imperative to ensuring each job is delivered on-time and within budget.  There are many considerations when it comes to any precision CNC machining project.  We are beginning a new series on steps to take when preparing for the prototypes to production manufacturing process. 


The prototypes to production manufacturing process begins with a concept. First, you must outline the goals and objectives of the final product.  Why is the part or product being made?  Who is it being made for? What is the end use?  These are all questions that need to be answered during the concept phase.  This is also the time when rough renderings of the part or final piece are developed and sketched.


Next, a budget must be outlined for the project.  This is important because the budget can drive factors such as material selection, the type of precision CNC machining process used, quantity produced during the first run, etc. The budget must be detailed and include an accurate, fair market value estimate for each line item.

Our next article will cover more aspects to consider when planning a prototypes to production manufacturing project.

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