Preparing Your Precision CNC Machining Job

Preparing Your Precision CNC Machining Job

Preparing Your Precision CNC Machining Job

Proper preparation is key to any precision CNC machining project.  In some cases, the “prep” actually takes more time than the production itself.  Our next series of articles will discuss some of the steps taken to ensure your contract manufacturing or prototypes to production manufacturing job is delivered on time and within specifications.

Engineering Drawing or Design

The first step in any precision CNC machining project is to develop the engineering drawing or design.  If your machine shop is performing the full prototypes to production manufacturing process, then they will handle this.  If they are only performing contract manufacturing, then you will need to submit your engineering drawing to the precision CNC machining team.

Exact Specifications

Outlining the exact specifications needed are key to any prototypes to production manufacturing or contract manufacturing job.  What are the tolerances? Outside / inside diameters? Length?  Perpendicularity? Downstream requirements, etc.?

Our next article will discuss two more key aspects to consider when preparing your precision CNC machining job.

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