Requirements for Aerospace Contract Manufacturing

Requirements for Aerospace Contract Manufacturing

Requirements for Aerospace Contract Manufacturing

Aerospace manufacturing is another one of the sensitive industries we work with here at JW Machine.  A machine shop must meet some very specific requirements to partner with companies within the aerospace industry on their prototypes to production manufacturing and contract manufacturing projects.  Our next series of articles will cover the requirements needed to work with aerospace industry clients.


Contract manufacturing and prototypes to production manufacturing for the aerospace industry requires numerous certifications.  JW Machine is proud to be an ISO 9100 / AS 9100 certified machine shop.  We also have numerous other registrations, qualifications and certifications including SAM (CCR) registered, ITAR registered/compliant, DOD & government subcontracting, MIL-SPEC quality compliance, DDTC registered and JCP United States/Canada Joint Certification Program.

Quality Equipment

Aerospace jobs must be produced with the highest precision and accuracy.  Not only does this require experienced machinists, but quality CNC machining equipment is also an essential part of delivering contract manufacturing and prototypes to production manufacturing projects for such a sensitive industry. Much of the work for aerospace requires close tolerance machining and/or small part machining which can only be accomplished using high quality precision CNC machining equipment.

Our next article will cover more of the requirements needed for a machine shop to partner with aerospace industry clients.

JW Machine is proud to serve numerous sensitive industries including aerospace, telecommunications, OEM parts manufacturing and defense, just to name a few. Our precision CNC machining capabilities include CNC turning, CNC milling, laser cutting, laser engraving, small part machining and close tolerance machining.  If you have an upcoming prototypes to production manufacturing or contract manufacturing project, we would love to talk with you.  Give your friends at JW Machine a call today!