The Role of the CNC Machinist

Laser etching

The Role of the CNC Machinist

The machinist plays an integral role in a precision CNC machining operation.  These highly trained and qualified craftsman are tasked with manufacturing important parts for all types of industries. JW Machine is an AS 9100 certified machine shop, so we also manufacture parts for sensitive industries including aerospace and defense.

When performing a precision CNC machining operation, the machinist must take computer-aided designs (CAD) and program the machine to the specifications of the project.  They make sure the path and speed of the cut are exact and program the proper feed rate of the materials.

Machinists work with all types of precision CNC machining projects, including prototypes to production manufacturing, contract manufacturing, small part machining and close tolerance machining.  Some of the precision CNC machining processes they handle include:

Milling Turning

Both milling and turning are subtractive processes. Milling involves cutting away material using a multi-point cutting tool while turning uses a CNC lathe to spin cut the material.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is used to precisely slice or cut various types of materials, including metal, wood, glass, plastic, acrylic, cork and foam.

Laser Etching / Laser Engraving

Laser etching and laser engraving is often used for bar codes, part numbers, logos and serial numbers.

Our next article will cover some of the types of precision CNC machining work that a machinist in a machine shop handles.

JW Machine is a precision CNC machine shop that only hires experienced and qualified machinists.  We’ve earned the reputation of being a premiere precision CNC machining facility, providing high quality services including milling turning, laser cutting, laser etching, laser engraving, prototypes to production manufacturing, close tolerance machining, small part machining and contract manufacturing.  If you are in need of machine shop services, look no further.  Give your friends at JW Machine a call today!