What Are Some Types of Gear Mechanisms?

What Are Some Types of Gear Mechanisms?

What Are Some Types of Gear Mechanisms?

Gear mechanisms are integral to many of the products that impact our everyday lives, including automobiles, airliners, ships, appliances, and power plants, just to name a few. Our next series of articles will cover different types of gear mechanisms. Let’s get started:

Bevel Gears

There are many types of bevel gears including straight, hypoid, crown, miter and spiral. They typically operate on a 90 degree angle. Bevel gears are used in a variety of applications including automotive and marine manufacturing, printing presses, and garage doors.

Rack and Pinion Gears

Rack and pinion is a system of gears that can be used at an angle or on an axis that is parallel because their teeth are compatible with the teeth of both helical and spur gears. Rack and pinion gears are especially popular in automotive manufacturing.

Worm Gears

Worm gears are one of the primary gears used in aerospace manufacturing.  These gears utilize what is referred to as a worm wheel in conjunction with a gear that is shaped like a screw. 

Our next article will explore more types of gear mechanisms.

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