Why 3D Printing Has Not Replaced CNC Machines

Why 3D Printing Has Not Replaced CNC Machines

Why 3D Printing Has Not Replaced CNC Machines

While 3D printing has its advantages and has earned its place in the market, it has not advanced to the point of totally replacing precision CNC machining processes.  Today, we will take a look at some reasons why precision CNC machining is still the gold standard when delivering contract manufacturing and prototypes to production manufacturing projects.


3D printing is an additive process that is not ideal for all projects.  Additionally, precision CNC machining offers better structural integrity, accuracy, and precision.  These are all extremely important elements that are necessary to ensure the delivery of a quality end product that meets all required specifications. Since 3D printing is still so new, there is no real way to determine how products produced using the 3D printing process will hold up and/or perform over time.

Time and Cost

Current 3D printing technology lends itself to being more of an option for short run projects as it can be more time consuming and costly than the precision CNC machining process.

No Established Quality Standards

There are still no established quality or regulatory standards for 3D printing.  This presents a problem, especially when it comes to testing the product and ensuring the safety of products designed for sensitive industries such as aerospace, defense and OEM parts manufacturing.

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