Precision CNC Machining – Why Accuracy is Important

Precision CNC Machining

Precision CNC Machining – Why Accuracy is Important

When discussing CNC machining, we often refer to terms such as accuracy, tolerance, and precision.  What do these mean and why are they so important to the precision CNC machining process?  Our next series of articles will further define these terms and discuss them in relevance to the machine shop services we offer here at JW Machine (i.e. milling turning, laser cutting, laser engraving, close tolerance machining, small part machining, contract manufacturing, prototypes to production manufacturing, etc.).  Let’s start with accuracy.

Accuracy in precision CNC machining is defined as the difference between the true measurement and the measurement from the system.  A lower difference yields a higher degree of conformity – or accuracy.  A highly accurate precision CNC machining tool will get as close to the measurement as possible without any errors. Accuracy can be affected by the type of machine shop equipment being used, calibration and temperature/humidity.  More accuracy means a better overall outcome.

Our next article will define tolerance and why it is important to any precision CNC machining process.

JW Machine is a leading AS 9100 certified machine shop serving clients in a variety of industries including aerospace, OEM parts manufacturing and defense, just to name a few.  Our team of experienced machinists deliver top of the line precision CNC machining services including laser cutting, laser engraving, close tolerance machining and small part machining.  If you have an upcoming contract manufacturing or prototypes to production manufacturing job, we can help. Give your friends at JW Machine a call today!